Friday, February 26, 2016

What I wore-yellow style

Happy Friday, its almost the weekend and I am so ready!! I am hoping to pull out my St. Patrick's Day decor this weekend and update my fireplace mantel, can't wait!! Its no surprise I love the color yellow, I used it in my wedding and my blog title :-) I wore it twice this week at work, its seems like a summer color but I've found it can be used all year round, its a pick me up!
This is a Pinterest inspired out fit, I've have this comfy yellow sweater for a while, so I paired it with a navy skirt from Walmart, my brown boots from Amazon and this cute plaid scarf my Mom had.
Since Friday's are a little more casual around the office I wore this yellow long sleeve shirt from Target and this purple vest from Walmart, I LOVE this pattern..and the price, $12 bucks..SCORE!! Even though I look like a LSU fan, I still like the yellow/purple combination. I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend XOXO

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