Friday, February 12, 2016

Celebrate Good Times!

I've never been one to pass on a good celebration and February has plenty of them so far! From Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras we have been having lots of fun, and there is more to come! Here is a look at how we celebrated:
Down here in GA we have our very own General Beauregard Lee, ground hog at The Yellow River Game Ranch. Lucky for us General Lee is predicting an early spring! I found some cute groundhog masks on Oriental Trading, one of my favorite websites.
General Lee...what will it be?!
This cute little breakfast was super easy and quick to make, my favorite type of recipe! I purchased two can's of cinnamon rolls from Walmart along with some candy melts and strawberry's. We already had the M&M's (hello potty training!). And after they cooked I did my best to make them look like a groundhog, Taylor really like it!
Have you ever seen a cuter groundhog?!
Oh wait, here is one!
A fun little celebration :-)
February 8 we celebrated the start to the Chinese New Year, 2016 year of the monkey! We ordered some chicken lo mien and sizzling rice soup, yum! I found this table cloth and crown from Oriental Trading. I find if I can plan ahead on celebrations I can place one order and pay for shipping only once, saving some hard earned $$. Online shipping is this working Mom's favorite.
My 3 loves, look at Nicole's face!! Her Dad has the same one when I ask him to do some yard work!
Mom's always have their hands full for sure! May we all have a great Monkey Year!
Fat Tuesday started February 9 so I thought it would be a great chance to also do a movie night. Princess and The Frog seemed perfect with it's New Orleans jazz movie, yummy food and a message of hard work that I love. I picked up some lobster bisque from Pappadeaux's during my lunch break. It was WAY more $$ then I usually spend on soup but it was for a special occasion. Plus my hubby loved it. I had also pre-ordered a King Cake from our local donut shop, Dutch Monkey and it didn't disappoint, delish! We found the baby to :-)
Drooling yet?!
Friday, February 12 both girls had their Valentine's Day party at school. For Taylor's class I put together these bags with Teddy Grahams in them. The cute little tag was pre-made online, so I just printed them on some photo paper. For Nicole's class I didn't do has much...cause they don't have teeth! I just put some labels on some Skittles. I also made some chocolate covered Oreo's. These are super easy, I did them at Christmas to. I use Wilson's Candy Melts, they are the BEST!
After I dipped them I put them in the fridge to harden up. I have to give props to my hubby, he watched the girls while I did all this. Although its easy, its hard to do with 2 little's needing to be held or watch Peppa Pig!
The girls are ready to party!! I got this cute little Valentine onesie at Walmart, its adorable but what is up with making Valentine shirt with only short sleeves?! Its winter, I wish they would make them in long sleeves!
Week day morning's around my house are crazy busy and rushed. I tell people its like a triathlon every day, the first leg is the morning, getting ready, out of the door on time, fighting traffic and praying I get to the office on time. By then its 8 AM :-) The second leg is the work day and the third leg is fighting traffic to get to daycare on time, getting dinner, bottles ready and bath's. But I'd be late for all of them if it means a great picture! Here are my sweethearts before their party day, my loves XOXO
I've had this heart tee for a number or years, its came from Forever 21, I thought it would be cute to wear to work today before V-Day on Sunday. My Mom purchased this blazer from Body Central, its a great staple for my work wardrobe. I also wore my beautiful heart shaped necklace my hubby gifted with me a few years ago, its still as beautiful as the day I got it :-)

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