Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I Wore-Lilly P. Style!

I have never really been a clothing label lover, meaning its never mattered to me where my cloths came from. I have tons of cloths I love from everywhere, Walmart is a favorite! I love looking at Pintrest for outfit ideas and trying to put together cheaper versions. But when it comes to everything Lilly P., I swoon!! I love all the bright colors, patterns & it just makes me happy, I think its very southern. But it sure is expensive and a special treat. I have a few pieces I treasure and thanks to my Mom my collection is growing. Here are the 2 outfits she helped me purchase this past weekend.
I have been wanting a pair of Lilly pants for a while and these are well worth the wait! I love the elastic waist band (still have a belly from Nicole & all the ice cream I ate) and the fabric is so bright and cheerful. I think I can wear them through out the year (for that amount of money I am going to try hard). I ordered some gold sandals from Target I think will go great with these pants once spring arrives.
This is my all time favorite Lilly pattern, I LOVE the color and elephants!! Plus the dress was on the sale rack...SCORE!!
Love this quote, happiness is the best make up ever! Live colorfully!

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