Friday, February 19, 2016

High 5 for 35!

Yesterday, February 18 was my 35th birthday and it was a lot of fun! But first my baby Nicole also turned 5 month old, I love that we share the same birth date!
The girls & hubby went to school that morning like usual so I got some extra sleep which was fantastic. I stayed in my pajamas later then usual, danced to some music, had a doctor appointment that I didn't have to make up, got some Arby's, went on a walk around the neighborhood (still trying to loose the baby weight, boy is it hard with no extra time!) and watched Sex and the City while munching on some Girl Scout cookies. It was a fun afternoon and great to have some down time!
My little brother surprised me with this sweet card and Starbucks gift card, he knows me so well!! And I also got some great cards from other family members, thank you all!
After picking up the girls from day care, my hubby was sweet enough to pick up my favorite, Chicken Salad Chick and a yummy Publix birthday cake with cherry's. Taylor helped me blow out the candles and I got some cash to use when my Mom & I go Lilly P shopping!
Overall it was a great day of well wishes, sunshine and reflection. I am beyond blessed with all that I have been given these 35 years. I am happy & satisfied with where I am. 35 is going to be a great one!
I have been a reader and fan of The Small Things Blog for years, Kate has amazing hair, make up and fashion tips. She posted some super cute JCrew pants on her blog the other day, I liked the outfit so much I wanted to wear it myself, but JCrew is not really in my budget. So I looked around on and found these green skinny jeans for $12 bucks and these gray tee for around $5. I already had the jean jacket from last fall and the ankle boots from Target from a couple of years ago. Love being able to get inspiration from others while at a cheaper price!