Thursday, February 25, 2016

Perk up your lunch!

Having a full time job is hard, that's why they call it work, right? Everyone deserves a break during the day to refresh and recharge. As I have said before I love going out to eat, there are a lot of great restaurants around my office that do a yummy lunch, but going out everyday can add up. I try to limit myself to twice a week treat, but sometimes its more/less. So when I do bring my lunch from home I thought it could use a little more excitement then a boring white paper plate. So as a lover of everything monogrammed I ordered the cute plate from Etsy! I thought it would brighten up my lunch a little bit. I usually pick up a couple of these yummy Lean Cuisine sandwiches while I am at Walmart, they run about $3.00 each, not too much.
Here is my cute new plate and little monogram, love it!!
I heated up my chicken club panini sandwich and enjoyed! Affordable and yummy, my favorite kind of lunch!

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