Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We had busy & fun Valentine's Day weekend filled with lots of love! After work Friday I stopped by Rheas Burgers, some of the best tasting burgers in Roswell for sure!
I am not a huge burger person myself and when I do eat them, I like mine more on the thinner side, so these are perfect for me! Its like a patty melt & forget the buns, they put them on buttered french bread...YUM! Saturday morning I got my birthday discount hair cut and my hubby picked up some Valentine donuts from Dutch Monkey. I love getting my hair washed and styled, I think I need a stylist every day. After that I took Taylor to Walmart with me for our weekly grocery shopping. Isn't that what the weekend's are for, getting everything done you didn't have time for during the work week?!
Donuts as sweet as my little shopper XOXO
For Valentine's Dinner my husband made reservations at yummy Ruth's Chris steakhouse. Going out to eat with out the girls to somewhere like this is unusual for us but very nice! We have eaten a lot of Totino's party pizza's so I didn't feel too guilty about the steak diner! Our daycare offered Parent's Night out Saturday, they had pizza, ice cream, a craft and movie. This was our first time taking the girls but they seemed to really enjoy it. No tears at drop off and smiles when we got them, at least from Taylor. Nicole slept the entire time I think :-) My sweet roommate Sarah has given me loads of cloths over the years from her daughter Savannah. I feel so blessed and it really helps! Plus Savannah has great style, check out this cute little green skirt and brown zip up boots!
 I purchased this red dress back in December from one of my favorite websites Lolly Wolly Doodle. Its a little more then I like to spend on cloths but they have great coupon codes and you can get everything monogrammed...SOLD. I figured I could wear this Christmas, V-Day, and GA games! I also wore this beautiful heart necklace my husband gave 6 years ago, still lovely. I wore it on our wedding day.

Here are some pics from our lovely dinner
I enjoyed the 12 oz filet with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, a Caesar salad and my all time favorite dessert the chocolate mousse cake, its so tall and just delicious!
A stairway to heaven, or at least beautiful heart balloons!
Every February I have been getting pictures of Daddy-daughter date night, here is the best one we could do Saturday night! My sweet husband kept the awesome day going by surprising me with a Spa Sydell gift card and I thought Nicole looked cute in this hat, 2 things I love!
Sunday morning we had a special breakfast with heart shaped waffles, cinnamon rolls and we found some gifts Cupid had brought the night before!
Taylor LOVES all things Disney Princess and Peppa Pig, so she was just a little excited to see the Peppa Pig car with the Peppa Pig family! Since Nicole is so small I just got her a little onesie, second child problems :-) Taylor also scored a new Tangled doll!

Every month my office does a birthday celebration, lucky me scored an AMC gift card so I took Taylor to see Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday, we had a great time! We had popcorn, coke and fruit snacks!!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!!
To close out our fun weekend we took our girls for some fine dining at Waffle House! For Valentine's Day they accept reservations. Everything was pink and festive, here is a look at the lights:
Do you feel the romance? This was also Nicole's first time a Waffle House and she did great! Between all the great food, gifts and family time this has been one of my favorite weekends this year. Happy Valentine's Day to you all XOXO

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