Thursday, February 11, 2016

February & the first post

Hey everyone & thanks for stopping by to check out by blog! My name is Lindsey, I am a 35 year old working Mom & wife. I have 2 beautiful girls and I am married to a sweet & handsome math teacher. I have been a blog lover for years, I love getting ideas & inspiration from others. I hope my little blog will do the same! Since this is my first post, here is a little snap shot of what we have been doing since January, hope you enjoy!

My oldest daughter Taylor is 3 and my baby Nicole is almost 5 months. They attend a great daycare and had a crazy hat day! So cute! They have wonderful teachers & friends there. But as any daycare parent knows, its not cheap!! Its now surpassed our mortgage, its a hard pill to swallow but my hope is it will get easier as the grow!
I am a BIG Lilly Pulitzer lover, but not afford-er!! My sweet Mom got me this dress during my pregnancy last summer, what a great inspiration to loose the baby weight (which I am still trying to do!). "Being happy never goes out of style."-Lilly P.
In late January we got our first snow in GA for 2016. It was absolutely beautiful and I was thrilled it happened on a Saturday. I know all the kids/teachers love a good snow day but when you are expected to work at home during the snow with 2 small kids, it can be very challenging!! Getting to relax, take pictures and play in the snow with the girls & hubby was wonderful. A true Winter Wonderland.
Look at those kissable cheeks, don't you just love them?! Nicole is my little rainbow baby (actually both my girls are). I kind of put myself in the middle of what I call the fertility journey. I have been pregnant 4 times and lost 2 of them. I know people whose pregnancy came fast and easy and I know many who its truly been the hardest thing they have ever done. Anyone who has gone through this knows the heartbreak and how blessed you feel when all goes well (I know all parents feel this, miscarriage or not). To all who are out there trying, never ever give up hope XOXO
My proudest title=MOTHER
Our family loves movie night! Friday or Saturday I pick a great Disney movie to watch and try to create a little theme along with it. A few weeks ago we did Snow White. Taylor got a princess crown, some small 7 dwarf figurines, and we enjoyed an apple bar! But don't worry, it was not poisonous!



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