Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just some simple joy's

Hello Wednesday & welcome to half way into the work week. So far its been a busy one so I just wanted to share some little things that make me smile :-)
Both my Mother and Mother in law sent us some great Valentine's Day gifts and cards, since yesterday was President's Day, both packages arrived yesterday evening. Gigi sent Nicole this adorable Little Sister onesie, how cute! We love getting our pajamas on at home after a long day!
Polka dot's make me happy and so do elastic bottoms! I got this cute skirt at Walmart last year, I love the ruffle, so feminine. I also wore some pearls, I figured they matched the polka dots!
Anyone who works in an office setting knows how busy it can get, I think its important to take a break and treat yourself sometimes. Too many working lunches at your desk/computer is not good for anyone. But I know going out can be expensive too so I try to balance both. Since I brought my lunch Monday & Tuesday I figure today was a perfect day for one of my favorite local restaurants, Fancy Pantry. Everything there is delish, you can't go wrong. Plus it has a sentimental meaning to me, its how I met my husband XOXO I got a creamy tomato pasta bowl, side of cheese bread, peanut butter bar for dessert and sweet tea to drink, yum!


  1. Lindsey, I so enjoy your "every day celebrations" and you rock the polka dots! You're right, everyone deserves to treat themselves and that food from the Fancy Pantry looks delish! Those beautiful smiles always warm my heart.... remember every day is a gift!!

  2. Hello Lindsey,

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Megan!!