Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sweet sisters & simple joys

We are slowly getting back to a different kind of normal around our house since my husband came home Sunday night from the hospital. He still has a lot in front of him but we are just taking it day by day. Our girls, on the other hand have not missed a beat! They have been busy too, visiting their cousins and grandparents. And I've found some simple joys in between!
My baby girl looking adorable in some strawberry overall's, stop the cuteness! Actually, please never stop!!
 The week my husband was in the ICU my Dad told us all to come outside, this hot air balloon was floating over our house, and this never happens. It was full of color, I took it as a good sign!
This is one of my favorite pictures ever, it was taken 2 days after my husband was released from ICU and moved into a regular room, first time he has seen the girls in over a week, pure joy!
 Nicole turned 9 months old, can you believe it! She is SO close to crawling, I won't be surprised at all when she figures it out. She is a good sleeper, she smiles, she loves her sister and watches everything she does. She loves her blanket and laughs when Taylor makes fart noises!
I posted this picture on Father's Day, it's me with my Grandmother, Granddaddy and Dad, all right beside me, having my back as my family continues to do every day.
It's hard to get a picture of these 2 girls both looking at the camera and smiling, but I snapped this one when they were playing in a little ball pit in the playroom, I love seeing them start playing together, I hope its something they always will do!
Daddy and Taylor went to go see Finding Dori this week, I think he was more excited then Taylor, they both love some movie theater popcorn!
The girls got to spend last week in Asheville, NC with their cousins and I know they had a blast!! We are so blessed to have some many sweet cousins in our family, she even came back more mature I think!
Our office had a summer picnic for all the employees to enjoy some hamburgers and BBQ, it was fun, they even had a snow cone truck!! I got chocolate and strawberry and it was GOOD!
I've got a lot more simple joys to post tomorrow, TGIF almost!!


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