Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flowers, the pool and a guest bedroom update

As the end of June is just around the corner, we are feeling the heat here in GA, it is HOT! But it also means a long weekend for the 4th of July is near and some patriotic decorations! I started pulling mine out of the closed last night, with 2 little ones it takes a while to do any home project but hopefully by this weekend my house will be all red, white, & blue!
These bright & colorful flowers are on both sides of our neighborhood pool gates, I think they are so pretty and look great! I guess that is what our HOA fees cover :-)
My sweet Taylor loves to splish splash at the pool! While my Mom was watching Nicole I got to take Taylor to the pool, just the 2 of us. It was fun, kept us cool and we had a lot of laughs. Summertime fun!
3 years ago for my first Mother's Day my husband planted this beautiful flowers outside our bedroom window. Even in 99 degree heat that bloom big and bright, I just love them!
My awesome Mom drove all the way up from Columbus last weekend to help me with the girls. She went grocery shopping for us,let me sleep in and watched the girls with me. She is amazing and I am forever grateful for her, she is the best Mom ever!
We are so lucky to have an extra room in our house for the playroom, the girls love playing in there!
Look who started crawling this weekend!

 I made a little update in our guest room, I ordered these black decals from Etsy and put them over the bed, I really like them! They remind me of the horns in the Disney movie Maleficent!
Not only is my Mom super sweet, she is super stylish too! She picked this dress and cardigan up for me at Target! Working in the office having a short sleeve cardigan is a most for those cute summer dresses. I paired it with this pink necklace.
If you don't follow The Small Things Blog, you should, Kate has a great Instagram feed! That is where I saw this adorable while summer dress from Target, I love it and its great for summer time!
The girls and I picked up some McDonald's for dinner and her Happy Meal came with this hair piece, I wish my hair curled that good!
Good morning smiles to get the day started!
I read some sad news today, the Tennessee legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt passed away, although I am not a TN fan, I really admire her work ethic and they way she handled everything life gave her. I love this quote cause attitude is a choice. Think positive thoughts.

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