Monday, June 6, 2016

Star Wars Movie Night

Que the opening crawl and famous theme song, we had Star Wars Movie Night and it was out of this world fun!!
This was the most expensive DVD I have got so far since it's so new it was not for sale on Ebay yet, but it was worth the full price from, we had a blast!
I put some Princess Leia Buns AKA cinnamon rolls in the oven and got the tablescape ready for my little Jedi's!
I picked up 2 light-saber's from Walmart, each about $10. These did not light up or make noise, for 2 of those it would have been like $40 bucks, not really in the budget! But we had fun with these too! I also had some Star Wars Honey Maid graham crackers to munch on.
Hubby showing Taylor what a light-saber is, I got a blue one and a green one!
Taylor loved them! And so did my husband, look at his face!!
Nicole is just too cute with this light-saber, she is my little R2-D2!
May the good force be with you all!!

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