Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pool Party

This weekend our neighborhood had our opening weekend pool party and boy did they plan a fun one! It made our annual HOA fee's a little easier to handle when I see what the money is going to! They had a DJ, Jim N' Nick's BBQ, Tin Lizzy's frozen margarita's, and an snow cone truck! We had a great time and so did the girls!
This may be a sign of my hubby's favorite things! The BBQ was so good, I had pulled pork, mac and cheese, bakes beans and a cookie. Hubby had the chicken and loved it, even Taylor has some!

I got this baby float for Taylor 3 years ago and it still works great! It has a shade to keep to sun out, Nicole did fantastic in it, she was so relaxed and just floated along happy as can be!
I remember last summer the pool was my favorite place to be, it was the only place my pregnant swollen ankles could take the weight off, and it was a lot of weight!
Taylor gets bigger and braver every summer when it comes to swimming, she can't swim with out the floats yet, but she is learning to jump in and swim without hold on to us. She also loves this splash fountain!
Two kids at the pool is a lot of work, but my husband is a great help. He & Taylor love to play together. Notice the cup holder he found for his frozen drink?!
Nicole let us know she was ready to go before Taylor was, so we split up and I walked Nicole home. Lucky us it was right before a huge rain storm came in! Give me that water Mommy!
We are looking forward to more days at the pool with our swim diapers on :-)

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